This week fasting with some friends\fellow servants for a greater level, next dimension, correct spiritual posturing.

I love to fast because of what it does TO me as much as what it does FOR me.  I need God to constantly change me into what He wants and needs me to be.

Jesus told his closest friends that the kind of spiritual work they desired would require and could be accomplished “…only by prayer and fasting…”  “Lord, I CRAVE that kind of Spirit’s work in my life!”

While on the phone today, it was said to me that we should seek God for what He wants our focus to be in this fast.  WOW!  What a novel idea!

It is very likely that many times of fasting have not had the desired effect because we did not ask God what we should do.  We simply stumbled into denying our bodies and submitted our sacrifices of food but held on to OUR WILL.

That statement turned on a light that has exposed my need for refocus.  Refocus to a SHARPER image.  God sees the end from the beginning.  His view is so much sharper than my own, not to mention how limited my view truly is.  God knows what I need.  He knows exactly what you need.