I am often completely overwhelmed by God’s incredible ways.  When allowed, He will certainly orchestrate every area of our lives.  I pray daily for God to order my steps.

In the last several years God has “exposed” His desires to me.  I am so unworthy to have such a privilege.  He nudges me.  I move in the direction I am sensing.  And then seconds, moments, hours, days, weeks, or months later He reveals that what I felt was without a doubt His perfect will and His leading.

New beginnings and discovery of who God made me have been the main themes at NLRC so far this year.  Seems every week I am made aware there is another ministry that is doing the same thing we are doing, and at the same time.  He gave me another confirmation yesterday.  Can it be anything but our AWESOME GOD showing us we belong to a family that is greater than our confined location?  His voice speaks and we will listen.

I love Him! He’s so AMAZING!