Last night I am getting Mattheu to bed and he says, “Daddy, I want to put on your underarm stuff and smell good tomorrow.”  When I quizzed him, he told me it was for his girlfriend at school!  So this morning he put on my deodorant and got him a couple sprays of A&F Fierce cologne.  He’s four and a half!  Is he REALLY thinking about this?  Did a sweet little girl tell him to wear it?

What is even more humorous is the fact that he got up and searched for all his Batman stuff to wear to his last day of school.  When he came out of his room, he was all decked out with mask, cape, arm bands, and all the possible Batman accessories he could shove into his pockets.

Makes me wonder…male and female are SO DIFFERENT.  They have different ideas about what it takes to “impress” the one they are fond of.

What does it take to impress God?  What will you do today to get His attention?  Is it what you will wear, what you carry in your pocket, what you say, how you smell…hhhmmmmmmmm…….