Glad to be back home, but it has also been very busy.

Came home to church office and bathroom being flooded due to a leaking hose.  Everything was soaked and now stinking.  Guess if I were here, I would have been able to catch it before it got too far out of hand.  However, the leak was there.  It happened.  Sometimes we may think things are sealed up tight or in working condition, but until there is an issue, we not be aware of the damage that is happening.  Can’t go back and fix the leak, but I MUST deal with the aftermath.

It reaks of mildew and wetness right now…not very pleasant.  Even after several days of fanning to dry it out, there is still some moisture beneath.

It won’t be like this forever.  The moisture will dry up, the mildew will die, and that aroma will fade.  Potpourri and air freshener will not get the job done, though.  It’s going to take something stronger to kill the source of bacteria and odor.  It is going to take a thorough cleaning before it is restored.

It reminds me of issues we deal with in our lives every day.  We need a cleansing to wash away the stuff life throws at us.  This only happens when we allow the Word of God to work on our lives.  What you face will not be like this forever when you allow God’s Word to have its perfect work in you.

Remember, God’s Word is so good to tell us that “…weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning!”  …and that’s just one of HUNDREDS of words of promise for those who trust in Him.

When life is spilling its junk all over you, rest assured the Lord can bring you out of the mess if you simply trust and submit.  He’s there to bring you through.