“What do you think?”  I’ve heard that statement a time or two in my life.  It’s a question that simply asks for one thing…

“What’s your opinion?”

While reading from a prominent author, I was cut to the heart concerning the topic of being an ambassador of Christ.  Ambassadors are individuals who represent another body or government.  They are the representatives and\or spokespersons for others.

One of the requirements of an ambassador is to speak ONLY what the governmental body commands you to speak or the position of the government.  The words of an ambassador can be powerfully authoritative ONLY when they are the true words of the government.  The only thing that matters is what is told to or understood by the ambassador.

Jesus spoke as the ambassador of Heaven and clearly stated His purpose in John 8:28b“I do nothing on My own, but speak just what the Father has taught Me.”  Jesus knew His place and His purpose.  He was only to speak what was given and stated only the position of His Father.

The Father never asked Jesus (as a man of flesh), “what do you think?”  Opinion in light of the Father’s plan and purpose is pointless.  His ways are so far above our ways that if we base them solely upon our human reasoning and understanding, they will NEVER be fulfilled in our lives.

Ambassadors risk recall or replacement when they begin to speak something other than what is given to them to say.  But when they speak the words of the kingdom, there is no danger of transgression.

I know there have been times in my life that I have quickly and sometimes forcefully spoken my opinion concerning a matter.  As a pastor, God’s Word gives caution to ensure my responses are predicated upon His Word only.  I may have opinions about some things but God’s Word is ultimate authority.  The responsibilities of the ambassador are to 1) know and understand His Word and 2) speak and act accordingly.

God, show me the truth of Your Word, not the opinion of a man.