Has the Lord ever spoken to you in such a way that it IMMEDIATELY connected with your spirit but you just would not know how to share it or ever be able to transfer the whole message to someone else?

I feel that way often when I am preaching and sometimes when I am simply reading His Word.  He helps me to just “get Him”.  I am desperate to KNOW HIM!  …fellowship, suffering, good, bad, incredible, cannot live without it,…

I count it a MAJOR blessing to have God speak to me in this manner.  Sometimes it is even through a good book by a Christian writer that brings a new focus or shines a light from another angle on one of the precious truths of God’s Word.

I thank God every day that He stretches my mind and my spirit to believe Him for RIDICULOUS and EXTRAORDINARY things.  He is the one who makes it happen so I don’t have to worry or try to see it through. He just takes me along for the ride.

Amazed, overwhelmed, consumed, …how can I say it?

ADDITONAL NOTE: (7/9/8) This feeling is similar to when we receive His Spirit into our lives. I know what I felt (and how I feel every time it happens). But I cannot explain to you exactly what that feeling is. Can you explain it?