“God is more concerned about our character than our comfort.  His goal is not to pamper us physically but to perfect us spiritually.” – Paul W. Powell

Character Builders

1. Righteousness: doing what is consistent with God’s character.

2. Godliness: a life of respect and reverence for God.

3. Faith: trust in God.

4. Love: self-sacrifice for God and others.

5. Patience: love that endures.

6. Gentleness: a controlled spirit that can hate sin yet love the sinner.

7. Meekness: humbly gentle and kind.

Character Killers

1. Self-centeredness.

2. Distorting the gospel to serve your agenda .

3. Using your verbal skills to control others.

4. Appetite for power and possessions.

5. Immorality.

6. Lack of submission to authority.

7. Excessive talking and\or complaining.

– adapted from David Burnham, Discoveries, V. 3, No. 1