Today is your



Welcome to Crazy 8’s Day!

Some think this is a spiritually significant day.  I would agree.  Every day I live and breath is a spiritually significant day.  The number “8” bears the significance of New Beginnings.  This is the year of New Beginnings.  Maybe this could be a DAY of New Beginnings.

The world is silently anticipating something to happen today.  People are living life to its fullest all around while others are simply waiting.

Many people plan their lives around such days like this.  Many will be married on this special day.  Would it be because they have a hard time remembering things and need a simple reminder everytime they play cards?  All we need now is a FULL MOON (or is that fool moon?)  Just a thought…are the mental hospitals highly active today?

Going to a God quest tonight of WORSHIP & WARFARE!  Praying this WILL be a very spiritually significant day for me and my family.  We are excited about the possibilities God is presenting in our lives.

Meeting great friends, Ben & Dana Stamper and kids at W&W event.  They will be coming to NLRC this weekend, ministering in our service.  Looking forward to what God is going to do in all of us.  THANK GOD for good friend like these.