I’ve been messed up…BY GOD!  He’s insanely incredible.

I have been praying and listening to God rather intensely of late.  God NEVER lets us down.  His Word always comes to us at the right time.

Last couple months feeling the Lord speak to me about not being satisfied with past achievements and current successes.  God has more, SO MUCH MORE for me.  I have heard God whisper in my ear that location CANNOT define the Kingdom of God.  Our church and our city and our state and our nation are NOT all that there is in the Kingdom.  God has called us to take possession of territories, not A (singular)  territory.

The children of Israel 1st conquered Jericho in the promised land.  They did NOT stop there.  The victory there was great, but God had so much more waiting in store for them IF they would simply keep moving forward.  This did not mean they left Jericho completely.  They were simply going on to conquer until the Lord brought peace upon the land.

Then today, I listened to a message which included this line…”Do not confuse where God has lead you with where God is leading you!”  OK, I’m messed up by that statement.  (…means I feel like I’ve been STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!)  I thank God that I am in a place where I can receive fresh Word!

Thinking about all God has been orchestrating as His Plan is extremely hard to grasp sometimes.  It’s difficult for all of us to embrace.  God NEVER forces (and neither would I) His plans upon others.  They have a choice in matter.  I want to be completely submitted and surrendered to Him when He reveals the details of His plans.  I see it coming…  I know I’m blessed.

…Kids start back to school this week.  I know Tricia will be glad.  Her sister, Molly, and kids are moving here this coming weekend.  We are so excited!  It will be good to have more family near.  And we love to have family close by.  With the family God has given me, I know I’m blessed.