Gov. Sarah Palin has been nominated as Vice-President on the Republican ticket with John McCain (President).  A clear unknown, Gov. Palin is a fire cracker!  The info we have gathered on her does show that she has limited experience.  However, it appears the experience she has is of an executive level.  Her speech at the Republican National Convention was very “to the point”.  She is talking a good game.  So is the opposition.  However, time will be required to tell if she is the “real deal”.  No, I’m not a doubter.  I’m just trying to keep my mind open and do my best to be un-biased concerning Gov. Palin.

She’s a pretty woman.  She looks like Tina Fey.  She has 5 kids, one is a “special needs” child.  She’s domestic but very polished.  She can definitely give a good speech.  Media outlets are praising her speech.  AND THAT RIGHT THERE IS FUNNY considering she slammed them over and over.

Gov. Palin has some experience in dealing with bullies.  And last night she squared off with them.  We do have to remember she was on her home court.  I look forward to her show of experience in debates of the near future.


Now for the “meat”…

Jesus was a superstar to some.  They loved the “show”.  After all, He could do miracles.  His disciples were empowered to do the same.  When the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Day of Pentecost, the door was open for any and all people to have access to this power, but with a cost.  What was the cost?  – EXPERIENCE!  Without a personal, intimate experience with the Lord, this would be an extremely dangerous venture.  Just ask the vagabond Jews who pretended to be spiritual giants in Acts 19:11-20.

The word vagabond in the Greek means “strollers, wanderers, navigators (making a circuit)”.  They didn’t stay in one place.  They jumped from one thing to another; chased every “new thing” that was within travelling distance; there was no faithfulness in their relationship, no real experience.  Without experience, you are UNKNOWN!  Acts 19:15 “…Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?”

The inexperience of these Jews brought them great physical and spiritual harm.  When people proclaim they are a certain thing but have not had any experience or have not exemplified what they shout about themselves, they are in for some serious hurt.  But wIth experience comes authorization.  You cannot be authorized if there is no experience.  Some experience found is in the spotlight, front page stuff.  Some experience is found in the field with a bunch of sheep, like David when he killed the lion and the bear.  He didn’t have the political or military experience to fight Goliath according to battle protocol.  But he definitely had the RIGHT experience!

What kind of experience do you have?