If you can’t keep up, the world isn’t going to stop spinning.  So many important events in the last 2 weeks happening in our world; especially in our nation.  Economic woes, hurricane devistation, political fighting, etc.  It’s all going by so quickly.

Last week at church was “FUN”.  Hurricane Ike came through with a vengence Sunday morning.  Just before church started, the winds became extremely fierce.  After about 25 minutes of our Sunday School, we lost all power.  With the assistance of other sources of light, we completed the last 20 minutes.

Began the second part of service and gathered everyone as close as possible towards the front.  Tricia played the baby grand and we had a great time of praise and worship.  The presence of the Lord was strong.  After about 15-20 minutes of good worship, we prayed and ventured out into the blistery wind.  Trees uprooted, limbs down everywhere, lawn furniture thrown across the yard, etc.  Fortunately, one of our favorite places to eat, Debbie J’s,  had power.  No other place near them had power.  (Hmmm…a God thing?)

Last night’s prayer meeting was AWESOME!  God began to speak to me as I was completely lost in Him.  It felt so good to be in His presence like that.  It was as if I were in a soundproof, protective room as the Lord began to speak into me.  I got messed up by Him – AGAIN!  Lost all track of time.  One of the things He spoke was about our need to have our batteries replaced.  We sometimes lose power and are sluggish.  Summer months many times can affect us that way.  It’s time to replace the batteries.  The body runs on electrical impulses.  We need to get RECHARGED!  Gave the people a “charge” to make a commitment to get reconnected in the body of Christ and in their relationship with the Lord.

Trying to keep up with the fast pace isn’t easy.  He has replaced my weakened batteries.

Do you need to replace your batteries?