I believe there are 2 very critical things that every child of God MUST possess in their spiritual walk.  Without these 2 things, we can NEVER, and I mean NEVER succeed in our lives as people of God.  What is so critical?  What must I know?  Can’t I just have a general understanding?  What makes you the expert, anyway?

Well, I am not THE expert, but I know THE EXPERT!  He is the One who makes this all very clear to us in His Word.  But then, if you don’t have these footholds of understanding, you may not see the vast importance of it all.

Ok, I’m getting to it….

Every believer, every child of God, every disciple of Christ MUST have a developed understanding of I AM and I AM NOT!

He is the I AM!  He IS EVERYTHING we need.  John 15:5-8

I AM NOT – I AM NOT God, BUT, I AM given the power and the authority by which He lived and ministered.  How?  His Word says it is His Spirit within me that empowers me to do this awesome work for Him!  Everyone who has been born of the Spirit (filled to capacity) has the potential and ability to do what He did and more.  I can and will do it, too!  But not because I AM something I AM NOT anything without Him.  If I AM NOT a branch connected to the vine, I AM DEAD!  He cuts me off and I AM NOT existing anymore.

I didn’t choose Him.  HE CHOSE ME!  HE CHOSE YOU!  If He chose us, He will provide all that we need.  I LACK NOTHING because what I have, He gave to me!  He has given you EVERYTHING you need to fulfill the purpose He has for you on this earth. John 15:16

This is NOT merely a “pie in the sky” mentality.  This is the REALITY of what the Father intends to do FOR and THROUGH His people.

What are the things you would do differently if you kept this in mind?  What haven’t you accomplished yet because you forgot the I AM and the I AM NOT?