God’s creation is an awe inspiring scene.

These pics prove my point…

His creative abilities are so INCREDIBLE!  And I have not even displayed pics of space: stars, planets, solar systems, etc.  But when God looks at all things He created, He saw man and called it “very good” (Genesis 1:31)  Everything else was just good.  We are VERY GOOD!

Think about it, sometimes our lives can become a complete mess.  We destroy the things that will bless us; waste the resources He provides; frustrate those He gives us as family, friends and companions; reject the circumstances that will build us; deny His leading because we want control; etc. – yet He calls us His prized possession.  We bring the Lord joy!  He knows what He CAN make of me.  In my weakness, His strength can be more perfectly seen.  I am the most important thing to the Lord!  Nothing is more valuable to Him than me (and you).

We are the center of His thoughts, desires, plans and dreams.  This is why He pushed aside the comforts of divine royalty; came down from heaven; wrapped Himself in flesh; felt the extremes of human emotion; endured shame, agony, and all the sin of mankind; died on the cross to deliver souls in eternal captivity; ressurrected on the third day destroying the sting of death; ascended back into the heavens to send the Comforter; and gave us the promise of a heavenly kingdom, not just in eternity, but for today!

He’s SO VERY GOOD!  Everything He does is for you because He’s on your side!