Wednesday evening’s Midweek Manna at New Life seemed to start out normal enough.

I was encouraging our people on the topic of prayer when I felt a thrust of spiritual wind, or flow of a river.  It was a simple statement about the connection that was made last Sunday evening at church prayer meeting.  There was a connection that was made by many…

The purpose for prayer is a connection.  Prayer is NOT one-way communication, but a 2-way dialogue between God and me.  I pray out loud.  He speaks into my spirit.  What others cannot hear, God’s voice seems to be shouting.  There are times that seem to be God and I shouting to each other.  It isn’t always a raised voice.  But it is definitely an undeniable connection.

THIS is the connection.  God is a spirit.  “They that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”  I am temporarily flesh.  I am permanently spirit.  The common ground we have with God is that we, too, are eternally a spirit.  Our flesh will return to dust in the wind but our spirit will live eternally.  It is my temporary connection on earth with God that will determine my permanent connection with God in heaven.

I had asked Tricia to teach the Midweek Manna.  I was just not feeling well ealier in the day.  And since she was at home on her final day of fall break, I thought I would see if she felt the Lord speaking to her.  She agreed to try the Spirit.  Little did she know the encounter that was waiting for her in a matter of a few hours.

Having not told anyone about her role on this particular Wednesday, it must have been such a surprise to others when the Lord began mightily anointing her for the topic He gave her to share.  But the anointing of the Lord is not prejudice.  When the vessel is flowing in the anointing, time and personality have no effect upon the Word of God that is being spoken.

I know how it feels to have the Lord pull you in, like falling into an endless vortex.  Or like being tossed into a raging river.  If you try to withstand the flow, you will drown.  Just go with the flow.  It’s such an incredible emotion and connection with God, the Spirit.  When the anointing flows, you cannot be in control.  Otherwise, the flow will be lost.  It will spit you out on the nearest jagged rock, leaving you wondering how you missed it.  You must give in to the brush of anointing.

Anointed words that are not on a page begin to come out of you not knowing where they originated, but giving yourself completely to the unction that is within.  God’s Word will not return to Him void.  But it will accomplish the thing it was intended to do.  His Word has a specific and intentional purpose.  WIthout the anointed Word of God, a preacher or speaker is merely speaking.  Anointed words are life altering!  Anointed words have the power to drastically and eternally change our lives.  Oh, God, I pray that they do just that!

This is exactly what happened when Tricia began to teach.  This is not the first or last time for her.  It was just that it was such a deep level of anointing she had stepped into.  I am so humbled and honored to have her as my best friend and partner in the ministry God has called us to do.

Step on out into the flow.  I think you will like what you find.