Touched on this subject at church over the weekend.  It was spawned by someone else’s comments about expectations that we have.

Because of intimacy in a relationship, a man and woman create new life in the womb.  This is called a seed.  The seed is the EXPECTATION of the couple.  She is said to be “expecting”.  The couple expects to see the fulfillment or completion of the process of birthing a child.  It is the seed of a future realization.

Organizations today assist women who cannot have children to experience the feeling of carrying a baby.  Companies create “body wombs” for women who cannot bear children.  This “body womb” is worn over the torso and gives the appearance of being pregnant.  Many models are adjustable to “trick” others into believing the person is actually pregnant.  These types of groups are doing excellent work to assist women who are unable to bear children to provide them with a sense of acceptance and self-worth.  In the physical realm, this can be very good because it could bring healthy self-esteem back to women.

In the spiritual realm, this has the complete opposite effect.  God completely rejects and condemns those who “pretend” to have seed in the womb.  God’s way requires a reproduction of the fruit of the Spirit.  When this fruit is not present, God curses the “pretend” tree and it dies. (Matthew 21:19-22)

In the church world today, many have accepted the ideal that it is okay to become non-productive in their spiritual lives.  This could not be further from the truth.  Wheat and tares grow up together, but the tares are burned with fire at harvest time.  Branches of the vine that do not produce fruit are cut off and cast into the fire.  All too many times, churches and saints have regressed to an appearance of what should be – all without the fruits of their labor.  (II Timothy 3:1-5)

It is very evident that the Lord desires production.  Saying you are producing without having an actual seed that you have planted is NOT seed.  Too many “religious” folk are depending upon surrogates to produce for them.  They try to steal from others and pretend the baby is their own.  Solomon had to deal with a similar situation when 2 women claimed one baby as their own (I Kings 3:16-27).   If it isn’t from your womb, it isn’t your seed.  You will protect your seed no matter what it may cost.

I completely understand the principle the Lord taught about one who plants the seed, one waters, another gathers harvest, etc.  Certain things in the Kingdom of God require that more than one person play a vital role in it’s completion.  But the thing I am referencing is the lack of taking part in the process at all.

Without production, we cannot truly experience the fruits of our LABOR!  No wonder there are “Christians” who have no self-worth, self-respect or self-esteem.  They have not experienced the pain, suffering, joy, emotions of the birthing process.  There is a lack of the fruits of their labor.  Without some kind of accomplishment or progress, our lives truly become meaningless.  All the pleasures and money in the world cannot quench the burning desire for our own fruit, just ask Hannah.  (I Samuel 1)

I EXPECT that God will produce fruit from my life.  The seed of the Holy Ghost has been placed in my heart and I have become pregnant with purpose and promises.  He expects me to reproduce in the spiritual realm.  I’m expecting!  How about you?  What are you expecting?  Don’t abort your promise or purpose.  God began the work in you and will be faithful to bring the fulfillment and completion of your expectancy.

I can see that you are pregnant.  You have changed some things about yourself due to the seed within you.  When are you due?  When are you expecting to see the fulfillment of your labor?