Exodus 19 declares the words God spoke to Moses from Mount Sinai only 3 months after deliverance from Egypt.  When Moses went up the mountain to commune with God, the glory of God surrounded the mountain in a thick cloud.  Moses could not be seen by those at the foot of the mountain because of the powerful presence of God.


God instructed Moses to tell the people they were to be “a kingdom of priests”.  But in Exodus 20, when God sent the lightning and smoke, the people became scared and ran to hide.

The people told Moses to let God speak to him and then he could speak to the people.  God’s people rejected the responsibility God called them to.  It is not surprising God allowed them to wander in the wilderness.  It wasn’t just the complaining, they rejected the voice of God.

God wanted to speak directly to His people and not have anything be lost in translation.  When you require someone else to give you the Word of God, you have missed the transfer of power and anointing God intended to be given to the hearer.  This is the CONNECT POINT!

The Holy Place in the temple was a place only the priest could go.  In this room there were 3 items: the altar of incense, the table of shewbread, and the golden candlestick.  Each of these were to be maintained at all times without exception.

altarofincenseThe altar of incense was used to create a beautiful aroma that rise to the heavens to attract the Lord.  This incense was somewhat of a covering for the odor of animal sacrifices.  Sacrifices mixed with our worship is a beautiful thing to the Lord.  We are sinful flesh but His forgiveness through our obedience of sacrifice is the only thing that will bring us to the beautiful aroma of worship.  This altar is a representation of our worship to God.

tableofshewbreadThe table of shewbread was indicative of the Word of God.  He is the Bread of Life.  The requirement for the table was fresh bread.  God’s Word is Living Word.  It is not stale.  Manna in the wilderness was no good after 24 hours (except on the Sabbath).  The priests are responsible to have fresh bread to present.  Our duty as God’s priests is to maintain a life that possesses fresh Word of God founded from our daily prayer and meditation upon His Word.

candlestickThe golden candlestick was the only source of light in the holy place.  Without light, the priests would not be able to perform their duties.  God commanded that the light never go out.  God gave the fire to Aaron to light the candlestick.  Two of Eli’s sons allowed the fire to go out.  They were killed by God when they brought “strange” fire in the holy place.  We cannot allow the fire of our passion for an intimate relationship with God to go out.  Passion is often synonymous with fire.  We must remain on fire for God.