I wonder how many times Abram pondered THERE?  He had heard about it many times from the Lord.  But He was never given any specifics of the location, other than something about milk and honey.

Like Larry on Veggie Tales – “sounds sticky!” 

All of Abraham’s descendants heard the same thing from the Lord.  THERE…  It took great faith in the vision God had given to continue moving toward THERE (wherever THERE is…).

One of the responsibilities of a pastor (visionary) is to understand, believe in and cast God’s vision.  It can be one of the most difficult tasks of the ministry.

God has a THERE for every person, ministry and church.  Can you envision your THERE?  If so, write it down, draw it out, make plans, prepare for it, expect its fulfillment, keep speaking it to yourself and those around you, etc.  Once you forget about THERE or lose your clarity of THERE, we become like those sad individuals of Proverbs 29:18 that stumble all over themselves.

We must cling to our God-given THERE!