Christmas songs have a way of extracting emotion from all of us.  These emotions are all across the board.  Personally, I am moved with warm thoughts of family, traditions, feeling of safety, anticipation, and relaxation.  When I hear the songs of Christmas (not too early in the season or I can become annoyed by it all), it brings a peace and a lot of positive emotions.  When I see pictures like the ones following, it heightens my emotions at the thought of all that is good about Christmas and the holiday season.

snowychristmasyardani SMSONG26 ABDOU RAINEY

jesusbirth snowtree

My favorite non-spiritual Christmas song is “Christmastime Is Here”.  You know, originally from Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  I am really liking the Diana Krall version.  Of the entire song, the last line seems to be the most powerful of words.  “Oh, that we could always see such spirit through the year.”

Why all the emotion?  I have had many life experiences that have molded my thoughts of Christmas.  Physically, I recall my childhood and the wonderful things I enjoyed.  Did our family have all we wanted?  Absolutely NOT!  But we were happy (at least that’s what I remember).  And we had enough.  Sure we had some unhappy moments as well, but those usually involved a belt or a switch from a tree!  I am extremely thankful for my parents and the multitude of sacrifices they made for my siblings and me.  I am understanding more every day of the level of their sacrifices as I sacrifice for my own children.

Isn’t that what God did for us?  He sacrificed so that we could have.  He gave exactly what we needed, a Savior.  I am moved to the climax of emotion when I think of what that means for me.  Coupled with the spiritual experiences I have had with this holy God constantly stir the emotions within me and it fills me with song!  There is no other holiday that is filled with such singing.  Churches and schools across the world focus on the true meaning of the season.  And they sing many songs about it.  In fact, the focus is about singing.

I have seen so many people who despise the holiday season.  I know some are faced with catastrophic events in their lives or the loss of loved ones.  But through it all, God can put the song back into their heart.  After all, He gave everything so we could have it all!  I want it all!

What is your favorite Christmas song? and why?