Sometimes, I just can’t seem to get comfortable in my bed.  Something is wrong.  I toss and turn but to no avail.  I try an extra pillow.  But nothing seems to help.


There are times in life that we can get to this place where nothing seems right; something is just a little bit off.  The only thing that can make a difference is a change of position.

For every person who is hungry for the overwhelming glory of God’s presence, this seems easy enough to do.  But sometimes, you just can’t find that “perfect” spot where you are completely comfortable and relaxed.

Ain’t that just like God?  He lets us get comfortable for a season, but then He shifts something and I am no longer comfortable.  And, that’s exactly what He wants to happen.

I’ve reached that season of discomfort.  No, it’s not that I don’t love my life or not happy with what God is doing in me…I am – absolutely.  I just need to re-position myself to get closer and more fine tuned to Him and His voice.  The days we live in require it.  I cannot be complacent.

Complacency comes because at the first sign of discomfort we ignore the feeling and eventually it will go away.  There are times when we get so comfortable and content that we ignore all the warning signals God send to us.  I don’t want to miss it.

Sometimes we need a change of position of our attitude or thoughts.  We know that His ways far exceed the tiny reach of our ways.  For goodness’ sake, He’s omnipresent and omniscient – there’s no comparison.  And don’t try stubbornness.  He can work that out of you real quick.  Just change your position to fit His will.

Lord, help me to be positioned for the incredible things you have in store for me in 2009.  I want to be positioned in the middle of Your Spirit’s flow.  Help me change my position.

…I’ll sleep much better.