A structure can only sustain what it has a foundation to support.  That takes preparation.


In the book of  John chapter 5, the lame man at the pool of Bethesda made great preparations (with assistance from others) to be positioned near the waters of the pool.  When an angel stirred the waters, the first person in would receive the miracle they needed.  Sick people from all over had gathered to “camp out” at the pool.  They were prepared to receive what they needed.

However, this man had been crippled a long time and though he made great preparations, he was always too slow to get into the waters first.  Jesus went straight to this man and asked if he wanted to be healed.  WHAT?  Do you think I prepared all this for nothing?  Jesus knew what He was going to do.  “I don’t have anyone to put me in the waters.  I’m simply too slow because of my physical limitations.”  With that, Jesus refocused the man’s faith by healing him on the spot (minus the bath).  None of this would have taken place without preparation.

The foundation you are building will speak to all around you of what you are PREPARING to build.  If you are looking for an “exceedingly, abundant” kind of blessing or miracle, your preparation of foundational support must match that kind of desire or you will look like this…


In the same manner, driving requires preparation, otherwise it can be extremely dangerous.  Every road is plastered with signs indicating turns, limits, changes in direction, warnings, cautions, stops, exits, etc.  These are all there to PREPARE you for what is coming ahead.


In our churches and in our personal spiritual lives, we must prepare for the future; what we are forced to deal with and what we desire to possess.  Only one question remains, “Are you ready for this?”  How prepared are you?