We’ve all heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect.”  I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with this saying.  Pratice does NOT make perfect, but it does make permanent!  If you practice something incorrectly, does it make it perfect?  Yes, perfectly INCORRECT!

It takes time to practice something and do it correctly.  Think about it…as a baby learns to walk, it falls over and over again.  But you don’t hear (or hopefully don’t) the parents tell the child that it is a complete failure because he\she fell on the first try.  It takes practice to build the muscles to perform the task in a permanent manner.  Some of my “finest” moments last weekend at church came when I could not perform perfectly and found myself on my rear after falling on the ice.  I am NOT a failure when it comes to walking.


In life, we cannot judge us by only a few attempts.  The best judge of character, performance and production is found over a period of time – your track record.  Many begin the journey as a disciple like sprinters in a 100 yard dash when it is really a 26 mile marathon!  Remember, this race is not to the swift but to the one who can endure to the finish line.  STOP being so hard on yourself just because “this time” it wasn’t perfect or not what you had hoped.  It’s all a process of practicing.  “If at first you don’t succeed…”

If you’ve found your place and made preparation, then it’s time to produce.  It’s not enough to be positioned and prepared, we’ve got to go and produce.  All of our previous attempts and practice at perfection were done specifically for this moment – the moment we begin to produce.  We can only reproduce who and what we are!  An apple seed will not produce a grape vine.

So, what are you practicing?  What are you trying to perfect in your life?  Whatever the case, we must seek God’s ways so we don’t practice being perfectly incorrect.  I believe that if I observe you long enough (see a track record), I can tell the things you are (or not) practicing.  Let’s practice the RIGHT things!