This looks like the end of the road…


How many times do you say that in a week?  or a day?   Maybe because of kids or spouse or job or bills???

Most of the time, we look at this in a negative light.  You know, someone pushes your buttons and continues to annoy you until you have “reached you limit” and whatever happens next sometimes just ain’t good.  Or your kids won’t stop doing what you have told them over and over to STOP doing.

Today, I have been thinking about the limits we all have when it comes to our abilities and talents.  My Facebook status update today says, “Thankful that at the point of my limits, I have a God that steps it up! I definitely have some limitations.  But the place my abilities leave off, God steps in to take over and complete what I cannot.  Check out these references: I Corinthians 1:25 and II Corinthians 12:10.

John the Baptist found this place when he said, “He must increase but I must decrease.” I do pray this often.  However, in reality, I don’t really have to because if I simply do what I can, He will pick up the slack and do what I cannot.

If I am going to be successful in the ministry God has entrusted to my care, I MUST know where my abilities leave off and where His pick up.  I do NOT want to try to do something that was not meant for me to “TRY” to take care of.   This is where we get ourselves into trouble.  It is also this way in a marriage, with your kids, and other personal relationships.  Some people make the mistake of trying to do everything in a relationship.  They are meant to be give and take.

What is your limit?  Do you know where it is?  Where is the end of your road?  Do you have the proper vehicle for the terrain you are trying to travel on?  Maybe you’ve reached your limit.