This is just one of those “AHA !” moments and I knew I would have to blog about it…

While I was on Facebook the other day, I saw the following pic.  It’s one of House (Greg Laurie) all bug-eyed looking at me.  See?  Look at him staring at you!


Many times our initial view or opinion or method of information can be flawed.  Whether it is lack of information, too much information, or skewed information, there is a danger in accepting things at face value.  We’ve all heard it said, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  We also should know that God’s Word declares that to speak before you know the entire story is foolishness.

Our “struggles” in life are NOT (or at least should not be) what defines us.  We are so much more than the things we deal with on a regular basis.  The problem with most people is that they allow their current issue to dictate the expression on their face, the way they respond to daily routine and the way they respond to other people.  The fault lies in focusing too intensely upon the emotions of today.  Today’s issue is NOT all there is in your life.  Sometimes I just want to say, “Get over yourself and look at the bigger picture.”  Problem is, when you get to this point, you have great difficulty in refocus because you have already determined your “status”.  Have you forgotten that the POWER to overcome your issues still lies in you?  STEP BACK and look at the big picture.

Every progressive individual will see with eyes of faith to view the result desired.  However, you cannot get to where you want to be if you do not have a focus on the finish line.  Your today may look nothing like progress, but keep moving and refuse to accept the struggle you face today as your destiny.  You cannot know where you are going and how you will get there if you do not see the BIG PICTURE of your life.  The most important thing in life is the BIG PICTURE.

This picture has many ingredients and parts.  When we view our lives by only a few of the ingredients (or moments of time), we do not understand why we are going through the current issue and cannot see how we can get to our goal from here.  This is confusing and frustrating.  Nothing is more detrimental to your purpose as frustration.  One cause of frustration is that we only have a few snapshots to try to piece together at this stage in our lives.  Don’t forget, every stage of life is critical to our personal and spiritual development.

…When I scrolled and the entire picture was revealed, it was a little different than I originally thought.  This was an easy observation to make if you know the character of House.  He’s never happy and the look of bitterness on his face is a result of believing the “struggles” he has faced in life are what he is and will always be.


Don’t allow the “struggles” of your life to define you and keep you from your purpose.  Step back and wait for the BIG PICTURE to unfold.  It takes a little bit of patience and faith!  Don’t misundertand, look at the BIG PICTURE!