I want and need the things in my life to have purpose and meaning.  Without this sense of purpose in my life, I feel completely lost.  Fact is, I DO have a purpose.  All of us have a divine purpose.  Whether or not each of us chooses to accept God’s designed purpose is not the topic here.  I believe no life is accidental.  There are no real coincidences.  God creates and allows things ON PURPOSE.

In Acts 1:8, Jesus instructs His disciples to go into every part of the world and make a difference with the truth of His Word and the light of His Spirit.  There is no calling any greater in this life that His disciples have than to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The added bonus is all the incredible things we get to experience in and through a life devoted to Him.

Today’s world is difficult to navigate.  I believe it is the purpose of the Church to show the way; clear a path through this wilderness.  If the Church has the light of His Word and His Spirit, then why would it not be used as a tool to light the way for many who are stumbling along in spiritual darkness? Selfishness? If it is not being used to light the way, why even have the light? Jesus told His own that salt without flavor was good for NOTHING! Lord, I don’t want to be good for nothing! You created me with purpose and ON purpose.

We need to stand for what we know through the Word to be right .  Too often the Church and “Christians” cower down to the rigid verbal onslaughts of others who spew their humanistic, opinionated ideals.  These ideals are presented in a way that if you disagree with them, you are simply non-flexible and an extremist.  In fact, many venues are attempting to silence the voice and the light of the Church.  What has this world come to? Are we suppose to be Cowards For Christ? I think not.  HOWEVER, neither do I think the Church should ever take the approach with others to point out they are “going to hell” for their opinions and lifestyles.  Christ called us to LOVE! PERIOD! END OF STORY!  This love (originated from God not society) stands in opposition to anything that is contrary to the Word of God and His purity. We must maintain an “except for the grace of God, there I go…” mentality and approach.  I will choose the grace of God every day because I know I need it.  Anyway, maybe these kinds of people simply need the light turned on to show them what they are missing.  You’ve got light qualities.  Are you using it?  If not, WHY NOT?

What’s the point of… lighting if not turned on? …electricity if not used? …car if not driven? …food if not eaten? …new clothes if not worn? …knowledge if not utilized? …hope if not given?  …overcoming power if remaining in sin? …love if not shared? …life if not living with purpose?

God has created everyone of us with a purpose to make a difference on this earth.   The Church was created to make a difference in this world.  “We are a CHOSEN generation, a ROYAL priesthood, a PECULIAR people…”  If God created us to be His ambassadors in this foreign land, but we simply fade into the background, then WHAT’S THE POINT?