I have heard of people who are noctambulists.  The closest personal reference is of my younger brother when he was a pre-teen. To avoid embarrassment, let’s just say he would never have done what he did if he were truly awake.  Fortunately, I don’t know of any other occurrences of noctambulism in his life.

sleep-walking sleep-walking-2

Due to some situations and circumstances I have witnessed, I am brought to this topic.  There are times when we can become spiritual sleepwalkers.  We live our daily lives oblivious to some of the most obvious things about ourselves.  Sometimes we can even see them, but seeing is not enough to force the required action.  A pure heart does not intend on the misfires or faulty actions.  Motive is a key.  However, motive or not, it does not excuse a character flaw or miscue. If motive was an excuse, then people who didn’t intend to sin but found themselves all muddied in transgression would not be guilty.  The Word of God declares there is a price that MUST be paid for sin.  It does not say only “intentional” sins.  Payment is required for ALL SIN. I am so thankful that Jesus paid the price for my sin – intentional and unintentional.

Click the link to see some of the Characteristics of Noctambulists…interesting.  Important note, it is a common misconception that sleepwalkers do so with their hands extended and eyes closed. Most have their eyes open to navigate, but do not truly “see”.

Trouble sometimes has to come to wake those who are spiritually sleepwalking. The real problem with sleepwalking is that you never know where you will find yourself when you “come out of it”.  Literally, sometimes people awake from sleepwalking to find themselves in embarrassing and even life-threatening situations. Sleepy Time Donald

cliff-walker I LOVE The Message translation of Romans 13:11-14 Now is the time to WAKE UP! It may take a good slap in the face or a devastating situation to awake a sleepwalker.  What is amazing to me is that many times sleepwalkers may not feel pain or be aware of outside factors. This is the real danger of spiritual sleepwalkers, they are numb to pain and deaf to reasoning.  How many times does God attempt to wake people from their slumber only to have them continue on in sleep?

Let me encourage you to ask God to reveal to you the areas of your life and character that you can become oblivious to.  Right motive or not, it is inexcusable to ignore these areas. …and God forgive us.  See also Ephesians 5:13-16

Lord, search me and know me.  Try me.  Wake me up to the day.  I can’t sleep.  I must work while it is day.  The night is coming.  I can sleep then.

So, are you a spiritual NOCTAMBULIST?