Ever had a situation that looked hopeless?  All the crazy emotionally draining roller-coaster ride ups and downs.  You try to see the bright side of things but seems your best friend is Debbie DownerShe’s a real killer.  Kick her out of your life!  What a drag.  The Lord knows these things are real hard to deal with.  But there is another way.

Life can be tough sometimes.  God never promised you the “easy road”.  What’s funny is that the “easy road” ultimately leads to a dead place of nothingness.  It should be called the “dead road” or the “brainless road”.  At least that is my view of it from here.  I don’t care anything about the “easy”, “dead”, “brainless” road many choose to take so they don’t have to deal with themselves and the issues that are in front of them.

These struggles can be dealt with in more effective manner.  Give it to Him.  He’s a God that can bring an IMMEDIATE turnaround to your life. The following is how I believe God would like “deal with it”.

Pray.  Put it all into His hands.  WHAM! SHUT ONE DOOR.  OPEN ANOTHER DOOR! CATAPULTED INTO ANOTHER REALM! ABSENCE OF FEAR AND PRESSURE! BRIGHT LIGHT! SUNSHINE! HEAVY LOAD LIFTED! SMILE BACK ON FACE! END OF TEARS! JOY UNSPEAKABLE!…when these kinds of transitional movements take place, no doubt there is much to celebrate couple with great rejoicing!  BREAKTHROUGH!!!!!

Wouldn’t you love to feel the JOY and PEACE and LOVE again?  Want to feel good about life again?  It’s yours for the asking (your choice to have or not to have).  Can it be that simple? Simply turnaround whatever it was that got you headed in the wrong direction.  Some things are just that simple.  Hardest part is recognizing that what you really need and are truly looking for are NOT in the meaningless things you are trying to humanly accomplish in front of you.  You need to see what is in your rear-view mirror.  Like the saying heard years ago, if you and God are not close as you use to be, WHO MOVED? Maybe you simply moved in the wrong direction.  Believe me, we’ve all done that in our lives.  Some roads we wish we had never traveled.  Yes, we went there and got a tshirt. By the way, I burned mine as soon as I could.  I ain’t never going back either.


If the things that are important to you in life are becoming diminished, then maybe you need to simply turn it around.  I love the instruction at the bottom of the mirror…“Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”.  Those things are there, but if they are in the mirror you need to stop and turn it around.  All the blessings and miracles and love and hope and joy and purpose are closer than you think.  If you turn your life back around, God can quickly bring those things back to you. Restoration is closer than you think!

So, what is in your mirror that you need? Turnaround!  Go ahead.  Put on the brakes and turn this thing around!