WOW! I am blessed! My wife is extremely talented…and very flexible!

flexible-people-2 Well, not THAT kind of flexible!

Update to all:  The above picture is NOT – I repeat – is NOT of my wife!

A couple weeks ago our regional area was slammed with an “inland hurricane”.  There was much wide spread devastation.  To me, it looked like mini tornadoes all over the place.  Literally, thousands of trees uprooted, major power and water outages, roads blocked, buildings collapsed or torn up, etc.  It definitely gave the appearance of a war zone.

During the next few weeks, people worked together to help with cleanup.  Neighbors who had not spoken to neighbors in years were now getting out and assisting the cleanup next door.  Meals were cooked for strangers.  Water distributed.  Shelter provided.  So much has been done in attempt to get back to what we call “normal”. With every disaster or catastrophe, people will always come together for restoration.

Tricia teaches music at the Christian school our children attend.  Every year the kids perform a musical.  This year, the musical had to be postponed due to the “hurricane”.  It was rescheduled for this week.  The name of the musical was “We Are United”.  Tricia has always been one that is extremely sensitive to God’s leading and does things on purpose.  She chose this musical because of the message.  IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN ANY MORE PERFECT!  What a message.

The musical dealt with all the different parts of the body of Christ and how it all works TOGETHER to accomplish what the Lord created it to do.  (See I Corinthians 12)  When one part doesn’t do what it is suppose to, the rest of the body suffers.  When one part tries to be and do something it was not meant to do, the rest of the body suffers.  But when each part of the body is doing exactly what it was created to do, the body functions correctly and each part of the body reaps healthy benefits.

In addition, due to some unforeseen circumstances, a couple of the lead actors were not able to be at the performance.  When approached with the news, Tricia acts like it’s no big deal.  She knows it is, but what can she do? Complain? Fuss? Get mad? Nope, that’s just not her nature.  She’s MUCH MORE FLEXIBLE than that!  So, 30 minutes before showtime, she had to get 2 new kids to fill in.  And they did just great.  Of course, one was the incredible offspring of this talented and flexible woman.  Her name is Mallori.  She’s becoming more flexible.  The substitutes would have gone unnoticed if it weren’t mentioned.  Again, an awesome illustration of stepping in and doing whatever needs to be done by parts of the body that are capable.  (If only saints in church would step up and do what God has called them to do IN and OUT of the church.) What could have been a catastrophe in motion, simply became an opportunity to work together – WE ARE UNITED!

I told Tricia and others that I was glad I could be a part of her training for this kind of thing.  After all, we’ve been married for 18+ years.  She’s had some REAL GOOD training on being flexible! Thanks for being flexible with me and my “issues”.  AWESOME JOB! Love your flexibility!