Pros – cons; good – bad; right – wrong; good decision – bad decision; press on – hold back; go – stop; etc.  You could spend your whole life gathering information and “thinking” about decisions that must be made.  I try to gather information for all the decisions that I make.  This is considered WISDOM.  But I also believe that too much information and too much thinking about what to do and how to do it can reach a point where it becomes detrimental to the progress of the “desire”.

What are you afraid of?  I think the answer is simple – FORWARD! You have a fear of forward!

Proverbs 16:9 .  Did you catch that? You make the plans but God orders the steps to make things happen.  He’s got your back.  You have nothing to be afraid of.  He knows the way you take and He’s determined to lead you on to what is next and where He can get the greatest benefit from your success.

Even though it looks dark in front of you, He’s gonna cause you to take a quick left turn up ahead and then you will be able to see that allusive light at the end of the tunnel.  You wanna feel the warmth of the light; the peace of knowing you’ve stepped into what you were called to; the relationship you never thought could be yours; the joy you thought was unattainable.  It’s all there in simply following the steps of faith through uncertain places and situations.  The key is the hand you hold as you face your fears.

The fear of forward is due to the unknown.  Weighing out the options is critical, but if your fear is so great that it keeps you from attempting to live your dreams, you will never accomplish anything and you will forfeit what rightfully belongs to YOU! Or is it the dreaded response of “them”?  “They” can certainly cause you to fear forward.

Several weeks ago I told God and a few friends that I was desperate to get to that place past the fear of forward and be able to say, “Thank God, I made the decision to…”.  Spiritually, I want to stand on the Promised Land side of Jordan River and be able to thank Him for the boldness and courage (just like Joshua) to press on.  I can’t go back.

Wandering around in circles avoiding the fear of forward is NOT for me!  I must move forward.  I must press toward the mark.  It belongs to me and I refuse to fear “what if”.  How many times has “what if” held you back in fear of some impending danger that never happened?

“What if”…I fail? …they won’t accept me? …it’s a mistake? …I won’t like it? …I lose it all?

BUT “what if” …you succeed? …you are right? …you make the right choice? …you find love? …you gain it all? …God has incredible blessing for you just waiting on the first step? …you get your miracle? …your life is changed forever? …you regret NOT making a move? …you could not fail in this faith journey?

handopeningdoor2 OPEN!

It’s time to open up the door and overcome the fear of forward.  I ain’t skeer’t!