It is extremely sad to see all the “incidents” of plane crashes and train wrecks that have occurred lately.  It really makes me ponder the tiny existence of time we possess in reference to eternity, and all the things in life we want to do and NEED to do.

The following link is a story of a woman who missed boarding Air France flight 447.  However, it did not matter…

flight447 Woman Missed Flight 447 but…

It’s amazing how life seems to work.  We are issued a body of flesh (like it or not) that is temporary.  Once the “expiration date” arrives, DING!  Time’s up!  It is God who decides when it is your time! His hands possess the power of life and death.

Personally, I believe it is time for us to GO! No, not die or stop existing; but cease the day! Press forward! Move on! Don’t stop now, there’s too much at stake! We, the Church of the Living God, have a purpose and a God-given plan to reach our generation with the Gospel.  Time is of the essence.  We are on borrowed time.  Don’t waste it on meaningless things like sports or multiple vacations or becoming a know, the ostrich with his head stuck in the sand.

Now is your time.  This is your defining moment.  Yes, I too believe this is a GLORIOUS CHURCH! It is NOT a beaten down, worn out, scattered, broken mess.  We are ambassadors for Christ. He is a God of excellence.  Where He is involved, He gives MORE THAN ENOUGH provision, power, and purpose.  He’s God!  He does everything PERFECTLY!  And if you are a part of the family of Christ, you have EVERYTHING you need to rise to the occasion and CEASE THE DAY!

I can hear the voice of God beckoning us to be aggressive and progressive in our lives.  However, hear me when I say this does NOT mean to become wreckless.  Obviously, with every crash and every wreck, there is something or someone who is at fault.  Constant “check-ups” are critical if you intend to fulfill your purpose or reach your destination in tact.

Come on, get up! IT’S YOUR TIME TO GO!