The main theme of the book of Proverbs is “wisdom”.  It is one of the most essential and critical things we need in our lives and ministries.

In my 20+ yrs of ministry, I have worked with and beside some incredibly anointed and gifted individuals.  Their own personal ministries have given shape to my ministry in one way or another.  What I take from each of them is moving me toward a better me.  It is the definition of “iron sharpens iron”.

One of the things I have focused on when working with others is to benefit from 2 particular areas of their lives – what they do right and what they do wrong.

Experience and observation of others is given as a gift to each of us for increased wisdom.  It only makes good sense to learn from others’ mistakes.  However, this is NOT the main focus of observation.  This kind of focus will only lead us to a judgmental attitude of trying to find all the errors.  The focus should be upon what others do correctly.  Sure we should avoid what is done incorrectly, but when we do what’s right, we don’t need to be concerned about error.

Matthew 6:33 is one of my favorite verses.  It lends to a right kind of focus…His righteousness, His Kingdom, His purposes… Tuning in to anything else can potentially open the door for wrong thinking and misguided actions.  When we mind the things that are important to God, He will cause everything else to fall in line (…all these things will be added…).

Gaining wisdom from others’ experiences is wise.  Look at the things wisdom will bring you…add years to your life, riches, honor, steps ordered…and that really is just the beginning.

Wisdom is crying out from the highest places to call us all closer.  Get next to some Godly people and learn a little.