Life throws many distractions your way.  It’s easy to get focused on the wrong things.  Many times it leads us to be so detail oriented concerning our issues, that we completely miss what we should be focusing on…moving forward.  You cannot change yesterday.  In fact, it has been said (and is still true) yesterday ended last night.  Sorry, but its over.  You cannot do anything about yesterday, but you can do something about today.  How ’bout you change your focus on things that are not dead.  You have been given another day; another breath; another sunrise; another day stuffed full of opportunities to live life to the fullest.  But if your focus is on yesterday or all the negatives in your life…well dead things stink.

The statements Jesus made on the cross of Calvary ended with “It is finished!”  You can’t do anything to change your past.  And Jesus has already done everything you need to cover your past as well as providing everything you will ever need for your future.  It’s over.  Forget about it.  But don’t think that you don’t have to do anything to see all of these promises come true.  The book of James tells us that “…faith without works is dead…”

If you’re a child of God, you are blessed – END OF STORY! Get over your life.  Change your focus. You got purpose!

Philippians 4:8 NLT