It’s here – the commencement of a month and a half of holiday festivities. LOVE it!

The pilgrims in their search for a place to live in freedom, found rest in what would become the beginning of our United States. Getting there took its toll on everyone, especially those who were the trailblazers. There had to be trailblazers. They lead and cleared a path.  Then come the followers.  Some followers are there to join in the pursuit of “the dream” while others are there simply to observe and to record the history of the journey.  While I thoroughly enjoy discovering what happened, where they came from and where they traveled to, the real joy is in experiencing the journey.

This is exactly how it is for me spiritually.  I enjoy history and what God HAS done in, through and for His people to achieve His purposes in the earth.

I want to clear a path where the Lord is leading me to travel in the pursuit of “the dream”. Even though others may not have been here before and I have to make a new path, I do not weary of the journey. I have prepared myself for the things I may face. Just like those sailing from England to the “new world” had to load their ships with months worth of provisions, I have been preparing for this season in the journey for years.

Every part of the journey has it’s own unique set of challenges. None can truly be compared to another. And it is important to discover the changing of seasons.

Spiritually, I pray that I am the trailblazer the Lord has created me to be. I also pray that the path He clears through me will become an answer from God for others that desire to give themselves to the cause of Christ. You cannot truly be a leader without followers.  Some followers travel with you.  Others follow from a great distance. Even some will follow you because of the path that has been cleared.

Certainly, the season of my life right now is solely a path clearing journey. This is not to say that no one have gone this way before. (I recall as a boy that some things had to be cleared annually on our family’s property.) I just know without any doubt that the Lord is leading me to clear this path and allow Him to work through me to create a road in the wilderness.

Lord, help me to be extremely sensitive to Your voice during this awesome time of discovery, so that those who go with me or follow me or observe the path that I take will not see the man who cleared this path, but will see the God of the man who cleared this path!

“Vision has a way of ignoring those who say it can’t be done and doing it anyway.” ~ Scott R Jones