Every day has the potential to become filled with devastation or miracles.  What is interesting to me is that both of these endings have similar, if not identical, origins.

The book of Proverbs should be a daily influence in our lives. So much wisdom is to be gained. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This is an incredible reminder that we have the power to control how we respond to our surroundings, even things that blindside us.

This blog is NOT a softly padded message to “just think positive” or “simply believe the best for your life”. On the contrary, it is an attempt to prod you to move from a “comfortable” mindset and provide hope for those who are facing strong headwinds, torrential downpours, wild fires, gloomy days, etc. Don’t misunderstand, I am suggesting that you should not run FROM your troubles, but run TO your troubles. Many victories of God’s people in the Old Testament were prefaced by a person or group of people running TOWARD the battle.  We do see that when people ran FROM or ignored their battles that these almost always ended in defeat – physical and spiritual.

Yes, your thinking has a lot to do with how you accept life. And it is about ACCEPTANCE.  I believe we can either accept the devastation all of the things life can bring OR you can accept the POWER of this opposition and use them for your benefit.

An airplane doesn’t take off by putting the wind to its back.  It’s looks straight into the force of the wind and presses forward. It’s all about RESISTANCE. The plane does not create the resistance. It simply responds to the resistance and uses it to its advantage.

In a similar way, wild fires are very destructive. However, even during the course of fighting these raging infernos, some fire is used as a “controlled burn” to protect against potential damage – fight fire with fire.

Using the 2 previous examples of potentially dangerous events, our responses to them is CRITICAL. We can use them for our benefit.  We could also run from, hide, or ignore their power and do nothing to stop the possible damage.  Yes, even I have used the scripture and have been determined to “stand still”, but sometimes you cannot stand still and get victory. You must fight against the resistance you feel. If you simply allow the elements and outside influences to control you, they (events, situations and even people) are, in actuality, USING YOU for their benefit.

I was NOT made for the wind. The wind was made for ME. Use it or be used! I’m gonna ride the wind! http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John%203:8&version=NASB

Ultimately, this blog is NOT intended to be the complete answer to your current issues.  Sometimes we need to run and hide (like responding to a Cat5 hurricane). But I believe too many times we take the “easy way out” when any level of resistance comes our way. God will help you to know when to stand up and fight the resistance.  But He also gave you a brain to know when to hide yourself in Him.

Here’s a final thought – instead of allowing what you are dealing with to drain the life out of you, use what is coming against you to strengthen and sustain you and the promises God has for you! Use or be used.

If you want to soar with the eagles, don’t run around with turkeys!