WOW! What a fast paced year 2009 has been. Like everyone else, I am anticipating with great expectancy, the opportunities and possibilities before me. I have never been so excited for the time of a new year to unfold. SO MUCH to look forward to.

I am, however, somewhat cautious. My approach to the passing of the hour glass is one of retrospect and soul searching. I don’t want to discard what I have left of 2009 too quickly. I mean, the passing of the “old man” should be given our attention.

Most all of us are great at starting things but terrible at finishing them. We should not only finish strong, but also finish well. Tie up the loose ends, make restitution, restore things, ask forgiveness, give forgiveness (even if not requested), finish what you intended to complete in 2009, etc. Complete things NOW so that your New Year can start with a clean slate with no carry over baggage.

Just like the Father Time pic here, the baby of the new year exemplifies everything we all desire for our own lives – a new start (if only I could get a new, more fit body…I promise I will do better this time!LOL) in every area of our lives. Take care of today so it won’t clutter up tomorrow.

So long, ole man Father Time 2009. Your entropy is showing!