Slacktivism in the spiritual sense is saying one thing and doing another.  The Word says that if we are like this (double-mindedness)  we will be unstable; completely out of balance.  It is the equivalent of saying, “I believe in tithing and the blessings that it brings.” …but then not giving the tithe to God (the Bible calls it stealing from God) because you “can’t afford it” – you can’t afford NOT TO TITHE!  I can personally attest to the blessings that are attached to tithing.  In addition, I have also witnessed the added blessings that come from offerings (above the 10% tithe).

You could also believe Jesus’ command that we should “love our neighbor as ourselves” but do everything within your power to avoid your neighbors altogether.  You cannot manifest love if you are never there to share it with others.

Slacktivism is wishful thinking at its best. It is simply a substitute for the REAL DEAL.  (Isn’t that what the devil tries to be, a substitute? Hmmm…a little coorelation?)

I saw the following quote and it seemed to fit rather well with this topic.  “The amount of impact is proportionate to the amount of effort given to the cause.” Notice that the impact is NOT based on wishful thinking.

When King David sinned in numbering the people as recorded in II Samuel 24 / I Chronicles 21, an angel was sent from God that killed thousands, all because of one man’s sin.  When the angel stopped at the threshing floor of Ornan.  David knew to appease the Lord of the transgression, he would need to build an altar and submit a sacrifice.  When David offered to buy the field, Ornan told the king he could have the field for free.  But David REFUSED to accept the field without paying the cost of sacrifice.  After all, this was a sacrifice intended to remove the curse and the offense David caused to fall upon Israel.  He said to Ornan, “…I insist on paying the full price. I will not take for the LORD what is yours, or sacrifice a burnt offering that costs me nothing.” Because David possessed this strength of character, God honored the sacrifice he gave. Ultimately, the place where David sacrificed to God would become the site where the temple was built.

The obvious root words of slacktivism are “slack” and “activism”.  People of true Godly character are NOT slackers.  They are people of action…the action of LOVE.  Life simply requires LOVE. Don’t say you just believe in it…EXPOSE IT TO SOMEBODY!

Ok, gotta get back to my required work. I certainly don’t want to be a slacker. (Yes, I’m coming, dear…)