God makes me laugh! Why? Well, because I can be thinking a thought and I will get a text message or read an article or someone will speak with me about almost the exact same thing. Why laughter? I laugh because I know He is confirming the things He is speaking into my spirit. He just blows my mind.

I have been thinking about the 2nd go-around recording of “We Are the World” and all the things that are being said about it, mostly negatively.  Vince Vaughn? Jeff Bridges? Kanya West? and some other people we don’t know???  Obviously, the purpose of this gathering of many “talented” individuals is to raise funds for the rebuilding of Haiti after the devastating earthquake it experienced.  I think possibly the problem with this for many is that this is simply an attempt to RECREATE the energy and momentum of an event that took place 25 years ago.  Recreating the emotion of something that took place many years ago is extremely difficult if not completely impossible. Hello! It was “We Are the World”. It WAS a genius event.

Ok, when it comes to paralleling our lives with this subject, I feel like the mosquito on the rather large individual.  The mosquito knows what to do, he just has so many places to start…LOL!

I have seen people throughout my life try to RECREATE feelings, emotions, events, intimate relationships, etc. all because they miss what WAS. But so sorry to hear that “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'”.  Reminiscing is great.  However, too much focus on yesterday will cause some to live in yesterday and never live in today let alone move forward.  I mean, come on…the mullet died a long time ago (thankfully). But you still wanna wear it because that’s your favorite era??? Somebody get me the scissors…or a machete!

Churches, ministries and Christians attempt to recreate that “old feeling” of how it use to be. Believe me, I love things of old but I don’t build my life around them.  I enjoy them only for a few moments and then move on.  God is infinite and exploring His ways can never be exhausted, so don’t get stuck on just one.  Churches and ministries sometimes can find a “groove” or “flow”. Then every time they ATTEMPT to minister, they use the same formula that brought the result the first time.  Don’t wear a groove in your brain and think you have to keep doing it the same way.  What accomplished the goal this time may not do anything for you the next time.  It is humorous when I remember the number of times and the frequency some songs were sung in previous church services…especially on Sunday nights.  The formula was to sing this certain song to get all those “spirited” people whipped up into a frenzy and “shout the house down”! I AM all for enjoying the Spirit found in the moment. It’s just that I am NOT a fan of trying to do the same thing every time. I LIKE VARIETY…and so does God. Sometimes it’s loud and active; other times it should be quiet and still.

The methods used to achieve our desired results can become stale and boring and the “same old, same old”. The reason we do this is because what worked the last time should get the same result this time, right? Not exactly. In fact, most times the desired end doesn’t even come close. When thinking about our relationship with God, some times it is filled with shouts of praise but other times the pinnacle is reached through your tears.

Don’t look to find that old feeling. God has so much for you to experience. A quick illustration would be the types of food there are to enjoy.  I know some people that eat the same thing over and over and over and over… I truly feel sorry for them because there is so much out there to experience and enjoy. NO, we may not enjoy it all, but what if the NEW thing that you try becomes your favorite? Will you stay with the same old boring thing or move on to your new favorite?

Bottom line is STOP TRYING TO RECREATE YOUR PAST! Turn the page. Live today. Let God lead you to the things He has planned for you. I will tell you that you cannot get to the things God has planned for you if you are stuck with an old mentality and doing the same things over and over again. Explore God and His Word. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.  “Taste and see that the Lord, He is GOOD!” Umm, umm, good!  And don’t get me wrong.  There are definitely some things in life worth repeating, just not everything in your life.

So, back to the laughter thing…As I was writing this blog, I received a Twitter update text from a minister in California that included this…  “…God CREATES. We RECREATE. The devil IMITATES.” WHOA! BULLS EYE! We need to allow God to CREATE in us. We can only recreate what has been given to us, and most of the time it just isn’t as good. Just ask the critics of “We Are the World II”.  Come on.  Don’t try to recreate things.  BE ORIGINAL!