Divine interventions of God to bring impossibilities into the realm of the possible.  Some people run to them as if salvation is found there.  Some seek to follow them wherever they are reported.  They bring an immediate hype and wave of interest and momentum.  We pray they are stamped upon our ministries as a sign of God’s approval.  After all, God LOVES to create miracles.  You are one!

When miracles are no longer blatantly obvious at a certain place, people who follow only the miracles will quickly leave.

There is one “modern-day miracle” that seems to have become one of disdain and rejection.  What is it, you  ask?…



Our walk of faith is advanced through OPPOSITION and RESISTANCE.  Sometimes it is opposing situations; other times it is difficult people who reject you and the ministry God called you to.

Christians will be faced with the dilemma of becoming bitter at situations and people OR they can allow it to strengthen their character.  It is during this critical time that God is testing you! Rise to the occasion (grow up) and allow the wisdom God intended you to have to shine through.

Yes, there IS purpose through your pain and meaning in moments of difficulty.

Walking away is too easy. If Jesus wasn’t spared unfair treatment by others, why do His people think He would never allow them to face difficult situations? Come on, REALLY?

Staying takes guts! Facing your accusers with a smile is NOT EASY! …personal experience told me so.  But YOU CAN DO IT!

People who can handle it (with the Lord’s help) are a true miracle.  In today’s society, it is just so easy to have no feeling of true commitment except to their own opinions and desires.  I have been very saddened to see people simply walk away.  And over what?  Maybe I just can’t see what all the fuss is about or why people get so upset over small things.  I was told (and had to learn) don’t sweat the small stuff(There is a whole focused series for your specific need.) Most of the “stuff” I have observed people becoming offended over is just that – SMALL STUFF! God’s Kingdom is ETERNAL. Our lives don’t even register a blip on the screen.  Will it REALLY matter if it is your way or how you thought or what you like or when you want it?

Remember this?…“when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”???

Even as I write, I am cautioned within myself to not sound as if I have never had moments of weakness that were leading me away from the things that God allows to teach me a few lessons.  If I simply walk away, He will lead me right back to the same lessons…maybe different situations, but same lessons.

It simply makes me sad to confirm the statement that people with stick ability nowadays are “a true miracle”!  (Glad to personally know some “miracles”.) Are you gonna stick?

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