Last week, Tricia and I (along with a few other friends) were privileged to attend Catalyst One Day event in Chicago.  Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley host these events and have much wisdom and insight to share.  It stirred and revived some areas of passion in my ministry. (Of course, that was the point of attending.)

One of the main things I will take from the event was Andy Stanley’s discussion about old couches.   If you have never heard him discuss this topic, see THIS blog for an awesome summation.  (Reminds me of “riding dead horses”. No matter how hard you try to get the horse up, he ain’t moving.)

Today, as I was scanning through my daily “diet” of news stories that are magnified by the media (unfortunately most of the good ones never get noticed), I ran across this little story that just got my mind to racing! I will call it “Roadkill Revival!”. ← CLICK HERE!

I could not resist being sucked back into the thought of the old couches.  We want to keep them. Why? Possibly we are out of our minds, numb to reality.  I think I can say (without much objection from anyone) that the guy in the “Roadkill Revival” story was…out of his mind – and numb.  He obviously had no understanding of reality at the time.

The “old couch” mentality is MUCH the same.  STOP DRINKING THE “KOOLAID”! It makes you out of your mind, numb and out of touch with reality.  No, everyone DOES NOT like it!  The couch may hold some lovely memories for you, but IT IS UGLY!!!

I am simply praying that my life is NOT characterized by “kissing the opossum”!  It’s roadkill!  It’s dead!  Leave it there!  Let it die! Quit trying to revive the roadkill.

I wonder if people (or more particularly the roadkill reviving koolaid king) who have their eyes opened to reality can be heard spitting out the taste of the roadkill from their mouth?

No matter how you dress it up, the opossum is STILL DEAD! If you want a Roadkill Revival, more power to ya.  I ain’t gonna touch that!

Question: What are you trying to revive or keep alive that is WAY past it’s prime, extremely ugly and ineffective in your ministry \ church \ organization???  Lord, give us the courage to let it die!

Matthew 9:16-17 NLT