Being an adult is just too hard.  I want to be a kid again…

As we grow older, most of us reminisce about our childhood and dream of lives becoming as simple as it was when we were a kid.  Think about it…absence of major problems, monthly bills, big responsibilities, deciphering choices to make, busy work schedule, etc.  Life as a kid was SO much easier.

When I recall my childhood memories, I see days filled with such carefree living that it haunts me when I compare it to my “mature” day-to-day living.  Somehow, somewhere along the way we have lost the critical element of child-like faith and innocence.  My opinion is that we have made so many “grown up” decisions that we have allowed it to bleed over (and INVADE) our spiritual mentality.

Jesus told us we MUST become like children if we ever intend to see the Kingdom of God.  Matthew 18:1-6 NIV It is this child-like faith and mindset that will keep us young, moldable, and “in tune” with God.  Grown ups just try to do things themselves and their own way too often.

Paul’s declaration in I Corinthians 13:11 was to encourage us to grow up spiritually.  The difficult thing in growing up is knowing which things to leave behind and which things to cling to.  Isn’t that the true definition of maturity?

I feel sorry for people who are so “mature” they have forgotten how to have fun, especially when it comes to living out their faith for Christ.  You’ve seen them…

Mr. & Mrs. Grumpy-face

And what caused them to forget that “the JOY of the Lord is my strength!”?  I believe they have forgotten how to have child-like faith.  And their fruit is represented by the look on their faces…sour grapes.  They have “adultized” their life to it’s death!

Child-like faith in my view is a simple belief in what the Lord has promised without having to justify and prove what you believe to be true about your life.  If you could prove everything about you and your destiny, it wouldn’t truly be faith, now would it? Maybe that’s why Mr. & Mrs. Grumpy-face look like that…they cannot find anything that will prove what their future will be (well, other than a hope in heaven – I hope they make it).  It’s faith – you have to live it in order to get it.

My desire is to become simple in my lifestyle and beliefs.  Grownups make everything so difficult.  Scriptural beliefs and doctrine get put through the mold of “grown up mindset” disease which forces everything you believe to have to make sense.  Faith sometimes just doesn’t make sense.  So stop trying so hard.  God just isn’t gonna fit into the mold you have prepared.


It’s simply time to be a kid again!