Have you heard the statement, “Getting forgiveness is easier than getting permission.”?  This may be true for some things.  But if you are thinking it is easier to get forgiveness for digging up that natural gas line in your front yard than it was to get permission beforehand, you might need to rethink this one.  Sure that statement probably isn’t meant to be used for situations like that.

However, in the same way, there are areas of our lives that we MUST give permission to others and things BEFOREHAND.  Otherwise, there could be a hefty fine (or heartache) to pay.

There is nothing like a person who prides themselves (and this is not good pride) on making other people’s lives their business. It seems to me that most people I have come across with this strange believe is that they are lacking for real value in their own lives or they are simply unhappy with the way things are. I have seen people who are miserable with their lives try to make themselves feel a little better by attempting to make those around them miserable. “If I can’t be happy, they should not be happy.” Any access granted to them of your life is sure to be exploited. This is just like those pesky viruses that can sneak into your computer, gaining access through some rogue file which attempts to spread across your entire network.  If you do not have proper anti-virus software (placed on computer beforehand), it will surely violate the integrity of all your data. (If you’ve ever had a serious computer virus, you already know how destructive and frustrating they can be.)

Here’s the problem…I will NOT grant these kinds of people permission to make my life a miserable wreck. I choose joy and the peace only God gives! Excuse me, but do you even know me? ACCESS DENIED! You must be prepared for the violent attacks of the enemy to violate every area of your life.  Scripture reveals that the enemy prances around like a roaming lion in search of someone to devour.  The armor of God serves as the ANTI-VIRUS software to protect you from the intrusive onslaught of the enemy against your soul. In particular, you must have on the helmet of salvation which displays a made up mind.  I know who I am and I know who’s I am!

There is One that I pray never faces a closed door to my life.  Good friends and family will be granted access but even their involvement can only go so far.  You have to predetermine the access rights to everyone and everything.  Does this mean there are things we are hiding? Absolutely not!…I pray daily there are not.  (“Search me, O God…”)

Our openness to God is critical for spiritual survival.  Unfortunately, there are people who get confused and fooled by the tricks of the enemy of the soul into thinking they can hide who they are behind a label of Christianity, their role of leadership, or through what they believe to be the power (actually abusive power) of the “prophetic”. Oh, YES, I believe in the TRUE prophetic anointing.   Spiritual leaders especially need to exercise extreme openness to God so that pride and arrogance and the Pharisaical attitude are not allowed access into their hearts, minds, words and actions.

Prayer: “God, I grant to You the right to search every area of my life and to test and to poke and to prod me whenever and wherever You choose. I will not allow external things or people to control my actions; only the Holy Spirit. Search me, O God. Permission granted!”

“My critics will not determine my destiny nor my direction. Only God is given that permission in my life.” ~KDE (Prov. 12:5; 19:21)