Many times we make plans to do things, but we end up forgetting or re-prioritizing things in our lives. Sometimes we intentionally prioritize. Other times we re-prioritize due to emotions or “something better came along”. This may be okay for some things, but when it comes to your relationship with God and people, I think we need to write down our priorities in permanent marker.

When I was young and in school, we did NOT have planners. Nowadays, my kids get “docked” if they don’t have their planner or don’t have it up to date and signed daily.

In the earlier years of my ministry, one of my favorite messages to preach was “The Power of Good Intentions”. The crux of the message was that intentions do absolutely nothing for us. Actions are the real deal. Basically, it was a challenge to “get out your planner” and write out your plan in permanent marker! Don’t allow emotions or distractions to change the plans.  And in the spirit of being transparent…I still struggle with this at times. I’m just glad God is patient with me.

We recently did a series at Life Church Marion called, “Disciple”.  It is all about intentionally becoming a disciple of Christ. Saying a prayer of forgiveness, confession and salvation are just not enough. Getting your spiritual “feel good” experience at church is insufficient at best.  It will not make you a disciple. Becoming a disciple is NOT for wanderers nor bystanders waiting on something to inspire you to action. Being a disciple requires constant action on our part, like keeping your planner updated on a regular basis. You must be intentional in your plans.

Proverbs 28:19“Where there is no vision…” Ok, how many of you have heard this scriptural reference from the book of Proverbs before? Most of you? All of you? …powerful words of godly wisdom. In addition, the same book of Proverbs also reveals in chapter 16 verse 9 “In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the LORD establishes their steps.” Matthew Henry’s commentary of this scripture relays it this way…“If men make God’s glory their end, and his will their rule, he will direct their steps by his Spirit and grace.” Point? We intentionally chart out our course in light of the Godly vision we have been given and God will bring it to pass “…if we faint not.”

Plan today to be intentional with making God your daily planner. He will get you to your appointments on time.