Seasons come; seasons go. Some seasons we love; others we simply endure. You can probably hear your co-workers and friends praying to God that winter will quickly pass away.  After all, Snowmaggedon of 2011 has just passed and many will deal with the lasting effects of the storm for days and weeks to come. However, they can find peace in the fact that in 2 months, it will only be a memory. “Whew! Thank God!” In life, we all deal with extremes through marital issues, good times with friends & family, troubles, excitement, etc…causing our emotions to tip the scales in the extreme in every direction. We love some event and despise others. Wishing some to stay; praying some to leave. Either way, most of the time we have no control over those events.

I am not humored by Groundhog Day. Let me just state…using a “tame” groundhog is just silly. And, let me see…all the cameras and lighting for the “perfect” photo op. Really? You think that is necessary? Either way, eventually spring WILL show up.

In many ways, this blog has been a “victim” of life events. MANY times I have started and stopped ideas for new blog posts only to feel “dried up”. No matter what some may think the reasoning is, I believe the Lord is simply leading me through some very trying yet exciting times. And no, all is not perfect in my little world. But no matter what, I am CONFIDENT that God is in control of it all, even when I don’t like it or understand it. He knows why and He knows best.  Even as I am writing this, I am humored to think of the irony of the feeling that this will not make it to the “final cut” of being posted to UPward Thinking. Nevertheless, here it is!

Fruitful again…

I have been reading history lessons from the Word. There are several occasions where the Lord would shut the womb of a woman. These were not necessarily due to some sin in their lives, but merely due to the sovereign rule of a God who always knows best.  Here are a couple references to the Lord causing women to become “unfruitful”. Genesis 20 (women in Abimelech’s house), Genesis 29 (Leah was unloved so God opened her womb), Genesis 30 (God remembered Rachel and opened her womb), and I Samuel 1 (Hannah’s prayer for a son).  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all had wives that were unable to bear children because the Lord “shut the womb”.  The unproductive womb of a woman was viewed as being incapable. No woman wanted to be barren. In almost every case I find in the Bible of the womb of a woman being opened (or re-opened) was after seeking the face of God to intervene on the woman’s behalf (or at least it seems to be implied). In the spiritual sense, we should possess this same craving to reproduce spiritual fruit in our lives.

Jesus taught about spiritual reproduction this way…John 12:24 The Message“Listen carefully: Unless a grain of wheat is buried in the ground, dead to the world, it is never any more than a grain of wheat. But if it is buried, it sprouts and reproduces itself many times over.”

God sometimes will stop the reproductive flow (physically and spiritually) in our lives. He has His reasons. You can always trust that God does know what is best in our lives. I believe our personal spiritual growth is more important than the production others see.  Yes, producing spiritual fruit is critical, but remember there are seasons. You don’t harvest in the winter and you should not rest during planting season.

If we get out of tune with the Lord, prayer is a powerful tool that moves us back into an accurate spiritual posture with Him. In fact, without it, it would be impossible to regain a right standing with God.

Hold on! Your season is changing. The things that are taking place right now in your spiritual winter are necessary for you to become fruitful again. In fact, the “waiting” season you are in right now is actually producing the fruits of patience and temperance in your life.

Spring is almost here. If you keep trusting and believing, you will be fruitful again…