Ladies and gentlemen, from the fast paces of media and technology, to the ever growing populace of bloggers and technology socialites, I present to you, “THE EXPERTS”!…

I believe (opinion) that most people comment or state opinions as if they are facts; experts on the subject. With all the information that is so easily accessible, it is difficult to keep track of it all. Knowledge is advancing at an incredibly quick pace. However, this doesn’t mean that WISDOM is advancing in the same way.

The next statement you read is NOT my opinion, it is fact…

Just because you believe something to be true does NOT make it true.

You can stand in front of your mirror, telling yourself that you can fly just like a bird and even believe it, but I would highly recommend that you DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME from your 2nd story window! Better yet, if someone you knew simply decided they knew a lot about the medical field and claimed to be a doctor but never went to school, would you trust your personal care to them? …after all, they know a few things, right?

Believing something does NOT make it true. What are you using as a basis for the opinion that you state? Is there evidence to back it up? Have you personally experienced the thing you are “weighing in” on?

In the same way, NOT believing something does not necessarily make it false or a lie.

I am not saying we should never state our opinions. But I am saying that if it is your opinion, you should KNOW it is opinion and it would be wise to preface your comments clarifying it as opinion.  I personally believe in some absolutes in life, so some things opinion cannot touch. Believe or not, opinion does not even get a uniform to play the game. Fact ALWAYS wins over opinion – bar none!

I have been guilty of believing things just because a certain person stated it as fact, or just because I “felt” it was the truth. Authors who write articles or books are people, too and need to be checked on the statements they make in written form. Being a published author does NOT make you an expert.  Question is, did I check it out to see if the statement was actually true? Did I fact check it? Without checking for accuracy, we allow ourselves to be blindly lead down a path of lies while believing it to be truth. It’s a simple case of “…blind leading the blind…”.

Lord, HELP US! (He knows we need it…and He will.) In John 16:12-15 (The Message), Jesus told His followers that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide into all wisdom and knowledge. …that is if you want to be lead there.  This is why we have the Holy Ghost.  God desires to lead us through His Spirit into all truth. The treasure of Truth is so vast that no human can hold all of it at once. This gives us reason to search out truth in every area of our lives, especially in the spiritual realm.

People are experts in their field because they go BEYOND what everyone else knows. Graduating from college does not make you an expert in the field. “Book smarts” are not the same as “street smarts”.

Bottom line – it is important to educate yourself in all areas of life.  From time to time I still find myself “sounding like I know what I am talking about” only to be convicted later by my own words.  If you don’t know, say so!  It actually makes you seem smarter than if you act like you “know it all”.  Well, at least that is my OPINION!

Thanks for reading this, but I’m no expert.  Where did you get your EXPERT certificate?