Have you noticed how almost every media outlet has an unquenchable, desire to report everything FIRST?   Everyone wants to be first to report the next NEWEST thing that happens…BEFORE anyone else does.  Gossipers have always prided themselves on this premise of being first.  This approach has invaded weather reporting,  “noteworthy” news, political news, sporting events, etc.  And the pull for FIRST is so strong that many times what is presented as a first may not even be true.  Don’t believe me? Just ask Al Gore about the 2000 presidential election. I recall that night as the liberally-biased media outlets proclaimed that Mr. Gore was elected as the new president, all for the sake of being the FIRST to report it.  Almost every television news report I have seen are very unapologetic in declaring to be the best newsroom because they report FIRST.   The world of reporting has become a pool crowded by sharks in a feeding frenzy. Gone are the days of “dog eat dog”. I think they have turned to “kill or be killed” (not literally, of course).

Who can forget this “ME FIRST!” moment? (Click here) It wasn’t about him, but yet he was going to be heard FIRST. Jerk!

In the religious world this same thing seems to have taken hold of many in the last couple of decades. Many want to be recognized as the FIRST to do something revolutionary.  Me first, please.  I am particularly fond of new ways, new ideas, new plans, new anything…well, as long as it doesn’t degrade or diminish the truths of the Word of God.

The danger I see is the desire to be recognized as the first, the front runner.  God’s people are to possess a spirit of true humility. In fact, the Word tells us that we should “defer to others”, basically, stop trying to be first in line.  Jesus’ own words were “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  You just can’t ignore those passages in RED!

I believe honor is due to those who are or who were pioneers blazing the way in ministry. A caution would be that the religious world begins to idolize those who are or were pioneers, recognizing the good they have done, but forgetting it is GOD who gave them everything they have. In that sense, many times they become the “go to” people for perceived expertise on a certain subject which they may or may not know anything about.

We must all recognize that without Him we are completely lost and ignorant.  He should be our #1 focus, not our own dreams, goals and desires. No more “me first”s.

Certainly you have seen the “I Am Second” campaign? If not, just click HERE.  May this be the approach we all take.