Today is one of those days where the very basics of my Christianity are on the front of my mind. You know what I mean? Life gets so complicated sometimes that we simply forget to remember the basics of daily living.  As disciples of Christ our role is really simple…reflect HIM!

Do you ever feel like you make things more complicated than they actually are?  I have even know people who do but don’t realize it. ~I have been one of these people, too.~ Some things we are faced with should not be responded to immediately.  Patience is truly a virtue.  When we wait patiently, sometimes they all work out before we even need to involve ourselves…kinda like when my kids get into arguments.  If I am patient sometimes they work it out without my assistance.

Relax a little. Stop worrying. Remove all your doubts.  Your circumstances may be rough, but God DOES have your back. Just make sure to stay in tune with Him and all WILL work out for good. His Word promises it! Romans 8:28 (If you are wondering why there is no deep theological reference here, you have missed it, and may be making things too complicated with God.)

Jesus made it very clear that He was all about kids, their innocence  and their “easy” attitude of belief. Stop trying to rationalize, make sense out of, and bring common sense to everything you face. Some things in life will not make sense. Deal with it…like a kid would. – believe, laugh, enjoy the moment, don’t be too serious, …just keep it simple.

P.S. – Just got this…“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be snapped!”