I am passionate about reaching forward to experience an unlimited future. My relationship with Christ has always been clothed in a revelation that I have unlimited possibilities through Him.

One of the things most frustrating to me is speaking with people who just cannot see this revelation for themselves, mainly because they can’t get past yesterday. There are various reasons why some can’t “let go”, but no reason is so valid that a person should erase the opportunities of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.  I would like to convince others and prove to them that life is better beyond the dark days of yesterday’s losses. In fact, every single living individual was created intentionally by God for a specific purpose. I am a believer in the following statement, “Every person is a ’10’ in at least one area of ministry.” The only thing you have to do to experience your “10” is to simply step out in faith and begin. You may not know where the journey will lead you, but it sure beats sitting on the sideline watching life pass you by.

I have no doubt this is why the Lord has led me to be a pastor – to lead others to the same revelation of His promise. In fact, this past Sunday at Destiny Center was special as this revelation of 2 people was on display for all to see. God has been revealing His purpose to this precious couple. It was an incredible experience to see the Father’s heart being revealed in them.

Genesis 11:27-32 ESV

Tarah’s sons were Abram, Nahor and Haran.  Haran died an early age. Tarah took Abram, Sarai, and Lot (Haran’s son) and moved from Ur of Chaldeans. Tarah stopped in Haran, the land of his son.

Did he stop here because he was reminiscing about his lost son and living in yesterday? Because he dwelt in the land of his dead son, he did NOT move forward from the land of Haran and press on toward Canaan. It seems Tarah could not get past his loss, and so he died in the land of Haran.  This seems to be such a sad ending to a story that could have had such a positive impact on his life and those around him. Instead of getting a thrust of momentum to walk out in faith from his father, Abram had to start from a standstill…a DEAD standstill! I can just envision Abram “chomping at the bits” to move forward from “what used to be” and “what is” into “what will be”.

Just like the couple I mentioned before, Abram had the same kind of revelation for himself from God. But before he could experience it for himself, he had to leave the old behind. It took the death of his father before he could truly step out in faith.

Don’t allow your setbacks or losses to keep you stuck in what was or what could have been, lingering in the sludge of yesterday’s losses. MOVE FORWARD into the promised land God has for you! Leave it behind and GO!

What do you need to leave behind? Come on, take a leap of faith…