I have a very simple question…What do you believe about yourself and your situations? Think about it. Whatever you speak is what you truly believe. What are you currently speaking about your life? Church? Family? Job? Relationship with God? Kids? Friends?…

You are not just “what you eat” but you are (or will become) what you SPEAK!


At the Edwards’ household, the season the Lord has us in is one of building and strengthening faith; focusing on the power of WORDS. Our conversations are about what we SPEAK about and over ourselves. We desire to INTENTIONALLY remove negative speech from our vocabulary. It is not always easy, but I thank God for the VICTORY He gives us to overcome the negativity of the world.

Your words are extremely powerful to TEAR DOWN or to BUILD UP your life. Most people don’t even realize the negativity that spews out of their own mouths. I have been guilty of this in the past, but God has exposed this flaw and my vocabulary has been transformed. I challenge you to observe the words you speak about yourself and your reality. It’s SO EASY to see all that is wrong and what you feel you don’t have, but DON’T fall prey to the trap the enemy sets for you.

For many, it is completely unintentional, but life has tricked them into seeing and speaking only of the negative realities of life; things like “I don’t have”, “I can’t”, or all the “I AM”s…sick, tired, not good enough, etc.

God NEVER intended us to live our lives this way. He wants us to live ABOVE the negativity. He wants us to CREATE the right kind of destiny by speaking FAITH. We MUST change the words we speak to “I AM”…complete, whole, healed, rich, blessed, worthy (because God makes me), smart enough, a King’s kid, an over-comer, etc.

Yes, this world has many negative things about it, but God INTENTIONALLY put you where you are because of the light of the Holy Spirit that is living inside of you. He wants us to SHINE with the light of His glory! Your words with change your reality. Keep speaking in faith over yourself…especially when you can’t see it happening. Its the biggest slap in the face of the enemy to speak things that are not as though they are. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE BLESSINGS AND FAVOR AND PROVISION AND HEALING AND WHOLENESS! (sorry to shout, I just really want you to know you can!)

I love this scriptural reference…Matthew 9:28-30 (The Message)“As Jesus left the house, He was followed by two blind men crying out, ‘Mercy, Son of David! Mercy on us!’ When Jesus got home, the blind men went in with Him. Jesus said to them, “Do you really believe I can do this?” They said, ‘Why, yes, Master!’ He touched their eyes and said, ‘Become what you believe.’ It happened. They saw.” Because these men believed, they were healed. They SPOKE in response to Jesus’ question NOT by what their reality was, but by what they believed He could do in them.

What do you believe? This is the heart of the matter. What you believe WILL be revealed through your words. And it will dictate what you experience in your life. Our challenge is to pay attention to the things we think and speak. Evaluate your own speech. Is it of fear or faith?

And if you are reading this and don’t have God in your life, His gift to you is FREE! You are why Jesus gave His life. You are worthy to receive salvation. Your past experiences and failures are NEVER ENOUGH to keep you from the love of God…it’s according to what you belief (and speak). Simply pray a prayer of repentance for your sin and acceptance of His love.

What does God say about you? I know!!! What He says…