This past week, Tricia’s grandmother left this life for a MUCH better one after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Even during the worst of things, she always faced the day like any other – putting on her makeup and jewelry and continuing to participate in all the social groups she loved to be a part of.

Me & Grandmommy

She was a true southern belle, a steel magnolia. Anyone who knew her would have been aware of her dignity and class. She did not wait on death to come to her, but she faced it head on continuing to live her life to the fullest. To see this really isn’t all that surprising because she had a motto in life of “get up and get busy”.

In the spiritual realm, I believe that motto takes on even greater meaning. And I was reminded of that today after the last round of winter weather…

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Solomon’s words of wisdom concerning getting up and getting busy can be found in Proverbs 6:6-8 which instructs all who would listen, to refuse to be lazy or allow life to pass you by. What a waste to miss out on life because of something that may have happened in your past, through an unfortunate situation or wrong done to you by another. Sure it’s painful. We have all faced a few extremely tough circumstances. But don’t allow your past or people to stop you from what the Lord has planned for your life.

Much of what you experience in your life is determined by how you respond to externals – your past, your present, other people. No matter what life throws at you, use it as an opportunity to RESPOND and ACT appropriately, not as another reason to stay at home with the shades pulled and withdrawing from life.

In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul encourages the Corinthians to awake from sleep and to practice righteousness (I Corinthians 15:34). It should be a conscious effort and focus. James (brother of Jesus) goes further concerning this principle in his writing, James 4:17, stating the price of not moving forward or doing the things that we already know to do.

In honor of the life of an incredible woman who has deeply impacted many, I plan to forever listen to (and act accordingly to) Grandmommy’s instructions (as well as the Word of God) to GET UP and GET BUSY!