Robin WilliamsThe sad tragedy of the life of actor and funny man, Robin Williams has been a gut punch for many as we discovered the news. How can a man so funny be so tormented? Since we will never know all that he dealt with or exactly what happened, we have no reason or right to judge! There has been much debate in the last couple days concerning the alleged suicide. However, that is NOT the reason for this post.

While pondering all that I know about suicide and the things others deal with, it is quite obvious that suicide is a problem in our society. This is NOT an issue that has recently risen. It’s been an issue since mankind began.

People are protective of their character and how they are perceived by others…well, there still are people who believe like that.  It is a GOOD thing; good, old-fashioned wisdom. In the Bible, the Book of Proverbs speaks a lot about having wisdom and being wise in our words and actions. In fact, the entire book is a guide to teach how to have the wisdom that is necessary.

As a minister of the Gospel, I am charged with maintaining a good report before others. However, having a good report isn’t just what we do before others; it MUST start within the confines of a person’s private life, where others cannot see. Who a person is when they are alone is exactly who they will ultimately be when in public. As the saying goes, “you can’t hide your true colors”, so it is with the person you are. Who you really are will be seen.

In an attempt to be the kind of person that we desire to be, there are times that we hide who we are and what we feel. Now, I am not talking about sinful things, but things that we question about life or haven’t sorted out within ourselves. We put on masks to hide what’s inside. And if others were to know of them, they may (or may not) look at us differently. And none of us want to face that kind of rejection from others.

RELAX – we all have questions. There is nothing wrong with questions. In fact, God knows we have questions. But where are we getting our answers? Are you looking to Him for your answers and guidance?

THE ISSUE: In an attempt to protect our name & character, and to be wise, there is a dangerous potential to commit emotional /relational suicide. How? We put on a mask to hide the things we think and feel. When the pressures of how we feel butt heads with what we have shown to others, the anxiety builds.

Have you ever been surprised at a person you thought was one thing, but it turned out they were exactly opposite? Or a person that just seemed to completely throw their “good” life away?…Emotional & Relational suicide. When that person cannot hide who they truly are or how they truly feel, they kill the idea of what they were. This is exactly how it happens when a couple gets divorced. They have either believed something that wasn’t true (and then reacted to that faulty information), or they had such a false sense of what a marriage is about that they could not sustain the facade they were living.

THE ANSWER: TALK TO SOMEONE you trust. Get a mentor. Talk to your pastor. Get counseling. While I am COMPLETELY confident in the ability of God to heal you, I also believe He gives us wisdom to look to others that can help us, too. The Bible gives us many examples of the wisdom in seeking others (the “right” people) for assistance. It may be clinical help that you need. It may be spiritual help that you need. Don’t stop looking to find the answer to the issues you deal with.

We all need others. People with suicidal tendencies need others. No man (or woman) is an island.

Turn the tables…Are you aware of those around that need you?

Preachers, pastors, teachers, evangelists…are you looking to others? or are you trying to do life all by yourself? YOU NEED OTHERS! Get help!