fingerprint eye

Sometimes I don’t seem to know myself.  I need to make sure my brain hasn’t been placed into someone else’s body.  I need to do some personal identification.  Fingerprint and cornea recognition are requested.

It’s similar to when Mary saw Jesus on Resurrection morning and thought He was the gardener.  She didn’t recognize Him.  He had changed.  She needed some proof that it was truly Him.  Now that’s the kind of change I’m looking for; where people will need proof that it is actually me in this new body.

THANK GOD I am not what I used to be!  I’m changed!  I’m different.  What I used to do and where I used to go and how I used to respond are NOT ME ANYMORE!  I have taken on another identity…the identity of Christ!  I am His ambassador for the Kingdom of God.   From the way I dress, the way I speak, the things I do and possess, to the life I live; they are no longer the old me.  I have become new.  And thank God for NEW LIFE!

I am NOT what you think I am.  I am not even my own.  I belong to HIM!  He is my King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  When we allow Him to step into that role in our lives, people will wonder who we are because they just don’t know us any more.  I certainly PRAY they don’t.  Welcome to the NEW ME.

Lord, let me not only be changed, but allow others to see the change You have made in me.  Wanna hear them say, “What happened to you?  I don’t even know you anymore!” …………Thank you, Lord!